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Welcome! I'm Peter Hill.  I work 1-to-1 with expats and global business leaders around the world, helping them gain massive levels of clarity and confidence on their professional trajectory.

If that is you and anything here sounds familiar... well, I've been in your shoes and can help.

  • Are you at the Director-, VP-, or C-Level and stressed out because you've had an "accidental" career.... and you feel like you aren’t reaching your full potential?

  • Because you excel at what you do, has your international career path unfolded in front of you with very little effort or intentionality with regard to having to search for your leadership roles, let alone take the time to explore what is truly fulfilling for you?

  • Do you want to "course correct" before it's too late?

  • Are you looking to make the next stage of your career more impactful in the work and meaningful for yourself, but you don't know how to figure that out or where to start?

"Peter thoroughly accompanied me with a clear pedagogy, milestones and proven tools. His friendly but focused approach helped me define my strategy, narrow my research, sharpen my assets and gave me the confidence to execute the most ambitious job search I had ever undertaken (relocating from London to Switzerland while changing industry)."


Arnaud C., Head of Operations and Analytics, World Economic Forum, Geneva



1-to-1 Career & Mindset Coaching Program for Expat Executives

My Intelligent Career Design: Career + Mindset coaching program is a proprietary, step-by-step methodology comprising the Core 3 of purpose-driven career transition planning:


  1. Self-Discovery

  2. Game Planning

  3. Persuasive Communications (ie, your personal branding assets)

And because your psychology is 80% of the game, we'll help you identify any resistance you have to achieving your career goals (limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, etc.). With a world-class transformational mindset methodology, you'll learn how to de-habituate yourself from what's causing you stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and that is ultimately holding you back.

Intelligent Career Design is for expat and global executives who want to realize their full potential and set themselves up powerfully for the next stages of their career. This comprehensive 5-month program includes 1-to-1 coaching, training, tools, and resources designed to...


  • ELIMINATE THE OVERWHELM AND CONFUSION about how to connect with your career identity with exercises squarely rooted in your personal story and leveraging positive psychology.

  • MOVE FORWARD WITH MASSIVE CONFIDENCE about exactly what you want in the next stage of your career, not what others or the market says you should want.

  • ACHIEVE PEACE OF MIND WITH A TIME TESTED PROCESS to map out a highly targeted shortlist of specific roles or functional areas, specific industries, and specific cities and countries.

  • SET YOURSELF UP FOR A QUICKER JOB SEARCH by doing what 99% of job seekers fail to do—paint a crystal clear, written plan to sniper in on your next-stage employment targets.


  • POSITION YOURSELF AS A MUST-INTERVIEW CANDIDATE by infusing irresistible ROI messaging throughout your resume, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, and other career communications.

  • MASTER A METHODOLOGY THAT YOU CAN REPLICATE time and time again for the remainder of your career.


This is not "vanilla" stuff. You will be guided through highly refined, outcome-driven methodology to help you clarify or reset your senior management career trajectory.

"Peter helped me realize what kind of manager I was, and helped me strengthen my confidence and values. The process was quite long because Peter took his time to get to know the "real me"; a bit like in a therapy. That was money well spent. I had the privilege to subsequently meet Peter face to face in Shanghai, and we are still in touch on a regular basis. He's still of a great support to me, even though our service agreement has expired. I know I can count on him for any question, or on a rainy day..."

Pascal M., COO, Paris/Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Why This Program?

What I’ve found is that many expat executives have had "accidental careers." They are exceptionally good at what they do, and have been recognized as such, but they are struggling with the angst and anxiety of having lost touch with their sense of professional identity. This has become a huge source of stress in their lives as they grapple with the possibility that the next stages of their career won't be meaningful and impactful.


And in many cases the tension is spilling over into the quality of their relationships. Most of them don't know where to start because they've never had to look for a job.


The mistake they make is to shoot out resumes to recruiters or distribute it amongst their network hoping that the feedback they get will be a barometer of their professional value.


Or they avoid the problem by doing nothing at all, by kicking the can down the road, or by pursuing distractions.


But the reality is that they will never find the clarity they are seeking until they stop looking on the outside and start embracing — perhaps for the first time ever —their intrinsic career motivators and their unique story.... their enduring talents, dependable strengths, and sources of motivation. 


In order to create a breakthrough and set themselves up for success in the next stage of their career, they need to learn a few simple principles of Intelligent Career Design that none of us are taught in school. This is the foundation of getting unstuck from the feeling of uncertainty, reducing the inner tension, and gaining undeniable clarity about what brings purpose to their work.



25 years of experience coaching 20,000+ global business professionals along their quest for meaningful work.

Trusted by clients across
6 continents.

Peter Hill

Trusted Counsel to Expats and Global Business Leaders

As an expat myself for 17 years in Asia and Europe, my work leverages experienced insights and simple, yet powerful methodologies that deliver transformational results. 

"Peter is an exceptional career coach, speaker, facilitator and colleague. He is truly a genuine coach who is passionate about leading people to a better career."


Yoshi M, CEO, Singapore

My Story

I’ve been there both as an expat and a manager of my own career…. a career that I’d lost control of.

For 17 years I was based in 4 countries and delivered projects across Europe, Asia, and North America. I was living the expat adventure and doing good work, but along the way found myself feeling deeply unfulfilled and in states of tremendous anxiety. The overwhelm kept me awake at night. Staying focused in meetings and on projects seemed like an insurmountable mountain to climb.

I had accidentally navigated my way into an energy-sapping reality that I didn't even recognize I was in. What’s worse, the stress was spilling over into other areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I pressed pause that I began to experience massive transformation. I got busy unpacking, reconnecting with, and reconstructing clarity around my “Why”. I got surgical about unleashing my resourcefulness, creativity, and clarity of purpose to make the impact in this one life that I am meant to make.

My highest ambition is to coach, support, and serve high-performing expats and global executives. I help them get to the core of their unique sense of career motivation, and I help them get unstuck from what is holding them back from fulfilling THEIR purpose.

Over the past two decades I’ve been blessed to have personally coached thousands of private clients who are citizens of 120+ countries. And 10,000+ people have been supported through my programs, workshops, and keynotes. 

As a result, I have learned to refine the art and science of developing absolute confidence about exactly what you want in the next stage of your career, not what others or the market says you should want. My Intelligent Career Design: Career + Mindset processes are straightforward, step-by-step methodologies that help you operate more fearlessly and STOP SAYING NO TO YOUR OWN HIGHEST AMBITIONS.

What this looks like is waking up every day with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. It looks like a huge reduction of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, allowing you to show up more powerfully in every area of your life—career, family, health, wealth, relationships, personal growth, and contribution.

Now more than ever, our stories matter. YOUR STORY MATTERS. Taking ownership of your personal narrative is the genesis of making the impact you were put on this planet to make and leading you to unimaginable levels of career happiness.

This is radically transformational stuff, and I invite you to join me on this journey.

Supporting Your Success,



Peter Hill is an Executive Career and Mindset Coach to Expats and Global Professionals around the world. He brings decades of experience supporting international business people along their quest to make a meaningful impact and helping them get unstuck from what is holding them back from achieving more.  His professional footprint comprises 9 years in China, 6 years in Japan, 2.5 years in the UK, and 10+ years in the US. Peter has supported thousands of high-performing executives and emerging executives representing a wide range of industries, functional areas, and geographies… literally every corner of the globe. Peter’s impact has extended into global multinationals, institutions of higher education, and international professional associations.


Peter has also held Career Services leadership and management roles with Hult International Business School in Shanghai, London, and Boston and the Rady School of Management at University of California San Diego.

Private Coaching Clients

This is a selected list of companies where Peter's clients have been employed or have gone on to make tremendous impact.

"Peter has created his own Career Coach methodology based on his extensive experience. He communicated it clearly and broke it down into achievable steps all directed to a concise goal. Pete's methodology helped me organize my to-do list around an interesting career transition that entailed a company, role and geographic changes all at once. Don't try to develop yourself alone, its more productive to do it with the guidance of someone like Peter with plenty of successful stories."


Carlos P., Director of Client Services, Global Procurement, Shanghai/Seattle


adidas Greater China


Australian Grand Prix

Bank of Brazil



Colliers International

Credit Lyonnais Bank



German Air Force

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii Medical Services Association


Hong Kong University



ICI Paints India

IMS Helath

J.P. Morgan


Johnson & Johnson


Marriot International


Mitsubishi Motors


Morocco National Tourism Board


Norwex China



Punahou School


Royal New Zealand Air Force

Saint Lucia Consulate General

Shanghai World Expo 2010

Standard Chartered Bank

Swiss Re America

Tata Group

The Economist

Trane Air Conditioner


United Nations

Wakatobi Resorts

Yuanliu Trading

Yves Rocher

... and many, many more!

Organizational Clients

UC Berkeley
Abu Dhabi Finance





Continental AG

Brookfield Relocation Services



Alba Graduate Business School

North Carribean University


adidas Greater China

Citi Group

Marathon Oil

Net Expat

The Project Management Institute

Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA-C

Media Contributions

Gulf Business (Middle East)

Harvard Business Review China (Shanghai)

iTV Asia (Shanghai)

Enterprise China, Sino Media (China)

The Global Times (Beijing & Shanghai)

NetworkHR Magazine (Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong)

eFinancial Careers (Singapore)

Pacific Business News (Honolulu)



Signature Gigs

  • Taking Control of Your Career Trajectory: 3 Distinctions That Nobody Gets Right

  • Mind Your Career: Winning the Inner Game

  • Go Small Or Go Home: A Research-based Approach to Changing Your Behavior for a Better Life
















Rio de Janeiro




New York

Washington, DC

San Diego​

San Francisco



  • Emlyon Business School

  • The Open University Business School

  • Project Management Institute

  • MBA Exchange

  • Porsche Middle East & Africa

  • Toyo University

  • Osaka Seikei University

  • Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA)

  • Association for Talent Development

  • Highered EFMD Shared Career Services (Europe)

  • EF Education First, North America

  • Speaking of Success: An Incubator of Human Potential

  • ​Campanile Management Consulting Company

  • Harvard Business Review China

  • OCBC Bank

  • International Chamber of Commerce Project

  • Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

  • Expatriate Professional Women's Society

  • British Chamber of Commerce

  • German Chamber of Commerce

  • Chilean Chamber of Commerce

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce

  • American Chamber of Commerce

  • iTV Asia

  • Nova Networks Asia

  • Hult International Business School

  • Only Education Group

  • International Fashion Academy Paris

  • Rotaract Club

  • Net Impact


  • Young Professionals of Wilmington

  • CFA China

  • University of Hawaii

  • Hawaii Pacific University

  • California State University

  • Fermanian School of Business, Point Loma Nazarene University

  • China Europe International Business School

  • Fudan University School of Management

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA-C

  • Concordia University

  • Shanghai International Studies University

  • Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

  • Rutgers University EMBA

"I had the fortuitous chance to cross Peter Hill's path as he came recommended for a robust, two-part series moderated panel that I was designing and leading for the members of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association San Diego chapter and beyond. Not only did he come highly recommended as a career coach, his affable personality resonated with such meaningful impact that we invited Peter back for the last panel in the series. Peter brings realism, pragmatic tools, and dynamic pillars of support for all individuals at any point on their career journey. In a sea of quantity, you'll find quality in Peter!"

Adair C., Ph.D., Co-Leader of Mentoring Program, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, San Diego

“I first met Peter at an AmCham Public Speaking event he was hosting a couple of years ago, and have had the opportunity to attend several other of his events since. His ability to engage the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats sets the tone and makes any event enjoyable. I am confident in Peter’s abilities and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed working with him; I look forward to his next event as it’s always a pleasure…”

Andrea C., Business Coach, Basel, Switzerland

“I had the pleasure of having Peter speak to our student body as part of an Executive Speaker session. In short- a great speaker with deep expertise in the field and a wonderful and professional human being. I highly recommend him to you and/or to your organization."

Divyan G., CEO & Executive Facilitator, Delhi



"I worked with Peter years ago and the learning and the discovery with him has stayed with me in many roles. He has an unassuming way and before you know it you have uncovered a little more about yourself and the road ahead seems clearer. Someone I highly recommend to have in your corner."

Alison W., CEO, National Health Co-op, Canberra

"The geniune "Career Doctor". Peter is an outstanding career coach. I felt inspired by Peter's energy and his passion for coaching me to success. He is a source for positive change."

Stephane D., Retail CEO/COO, Abu Dhabi

"​​Inspirational. Knowledgeable. Sincere. Three words I would use to describe Peter Hill. Peter has the rare ability to inspire people to pursue and achieve more professionally. Through his tenure working with corporate managers and his expertise in Asia, Peter inspired me to pursue the 'impossible' - and to ultimately succeed in doing so. Peter has helped shape my career and I will always be grateful for that." 

Matthew C., Executive Director APAC, Singapore

"​​Peter is an extremely inspirational leader who is genuinely passionate about helping people in their journey looking for a purposeful career and hence, a meaningful life. He has wholeheartdly supported me in my professional choices even when sometimes I doubted about my own capacity to be successful. He is a remarkably giving person who can often see the good in another person before that person sees it in herself, providing a spark that just might help her reach her true potential." 

Vivian W., Big 4 Senior Consultant, Brisbane

"In the time I have known Peter, I have found him to be an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and insightful career coach. He is also a truly global professional. I have benefitted immensely by knowing Peter, as he is passionate, committed to excellence, and works hard to support others on their path to success. I highly recommend him as both an international career coach and as a career educator." 

Sean U.G., Global PR & Marketing Strategist, Shenzhen/Hong Kong

"Peter is a great partner for all-things-career-related. Before working together, I found it difficult to articulate my work experience and achievements in a way that I felt represented me well; this blurred my ability to precisely define the direction I wanted to steer my future endeavors. The process he took me through not only drew out my experience and achievements in an engaging way, but also had me gain a deeper appreciation of my own track record and what my capabilities are, some of which I hadn't even considered strengths. The result was not only a great CV, but a boost in confidence and clarity for how to best leverage my talent and experience going forward. For me, this alone was worth its weight in gold."

Rich R., Global Head, Performance & Engagement, Shanghai/Philadelphia

"Peter is an enthusiastic, intuitive, and highly qualified career coach who knows how to bring out the most attractive qualities in each individual he works with. Peter has multiple qualifications and licenses to support his skills, but it's the experience of working with individuals across a variety of industries at many levels, which gives him the rare gift of being able to magnify the hidden value and skills in each client he works with." 

Rob E., CFO, Property Technology/Commercial Real Estate, Shanghai/Los Angeles



+1 808.384.9461

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